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Al Rayan Qatar ETF (QATR)


QE Al Rayan Islamic Index (Price)

Underlying index for QATR

20 stock index of Shari’a-compliant Qatari listed equities

QATR announced a dividend
of QAR1.10 per unit
Record Date: 14-05-2019
Ex-dividend date: 15-05-2019
Payment date: 19-05-2019
Total Expense Ratio (TER)
0.5% of Total Net Asset Value

TER refers to all ongoing costs of managing the fund including those incurred in the purchase, holding and disposal of investments

Key Investor Information Document

Al Rayan Qatar ETF (ticker: QATR) was the first Shari’a-compliant exchange traded fund listed in Qatar and seeks to track the performance of the QE Al Rayan Islamic Index (Price) as closely as possible, before fees and expenses.

The QE Al Rayan Islamic Index (Price) consists of Shari’a-compliant listed equities on the Qatar Stock Exchange, which meet the exchange criteria. These include adjusting stocks for market capitalisation, average daily trading and preventing any one stock from having too significant a weight in the index, regardless of market capitalisation.

As of October 2018, the index consisted of 20 stocks. The index boasts healthy sector diversification as well as a mix of large and medium-sized companies reflective of the Qatari economy.

The ETF has a Total Expense Ratio (TER) of 0.5% per annum. This is the ongoing cost of managing the fund and covers expenses related to custody, administration, distribution and other miscellaneous outgoings. 0.5% per annum is one of the lowest TERs for a single-country ETF in emerging markets as the fund manager seeks to ensure the product is highly efficient and very competitive.

Al Rayan Qatar ETF will distribute dividends, at least once a year.

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